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Sustainably Sown,
Locally Grown.

The secret to fresher produce?

In a word, innovation.

We’re Blue Thumb Farms, a locally owned and female-led hydroponic produce farm. We started Blue Thumb because we believe greens can be grown fresher, safer and more sustainably. Our lettuce isn’t trucked across the country from California. It’s harvested indoors, in our controlled agricultural environment right here in North Carolina, and delivered to you faster and fresher. Explore our produce varieties and taste something refreshingly different.

Delicious salad varieties, made with passion and pride, grown sustainably and responsibly.

Our baby greens are never sprayed with chemical pesticides and are always non-GMO. The salad mixes are packaged in 100% post consumer recycled and recyclable tamper-evident containers and delivered within hours, not days, to our consumers.

Our Story

Blue Thumb is the personal passion of Mary Cove and Allison Culbreth — two female scientists and hydroponic farmers who met in graduate school at North Carolina State University. Together, they launched Blue Thumb with the idea of applying their scientific expertise to create sustainable, fresh produce for their local community. Let Blue Thumb Farms show you a fresh way to grow.

Our Operation

Blue Thumb is a state-of-the-art hydroponic farm in Zebulon, N.C., that includes over 12,000 square feet of grow space and a 2,500-square-foot processing and storage facility. Our business was designed with emphasis on water conservation and food safety while also being mindful of waste and our impact on the environment. Baby green varieties are grown using deep water culture techniques and pesticide-free, non-GMO farming methods. Our comprehensive integrated pest management program means we never have to spray pesticides, guaranteeing a pesticide free product. We go the extra mile (without any extra miles) to deliver the freshest local baby greens to you, year-round.

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